Top 7 Ways to Stay in Shape While Vacationing at Sandbridge Beach

stay in shape

Exercising while on vacation is a simple way to keep up your healthy routines even if you indulge in a few vacation treats. Sandbridge Beach has plenty of fun options that get you up and moving in ways you might not have at home. Vacations are the perfect time to shake up your fitness routine and try something new. Here are our top seven favorite ways to stay in shape while vacationing at Sandbridge Beach. READ MORE

Guilt-Free, Indulgent Foods You Can Enjoy at Sandbridge Beach

guilt-free foods

At Sandbridge Beach, local food is delicious — and much of it can be healthful as well. There’s an abundance of fresh seafood and produce, and the warm weather calls for light meals. Grilled, steamed or broiled seafood and vegetables are tasty and filling, and go perfectly with active days. Whether you’re cooking in your rental house kitchen, picnicking at the beach, or taking in the local fare at a seaside restaurant, Sandbridge Beach has plenty of dining options where you can indulge in regional delights. READ MORE

10 Restaurants That Sandbridge Beach Locals Love

sandbridge restuarants

One of the best parts of vacationing in Sandbridge Beach is enjoying fresh seafood and unique restaurants. If you want to eat like a local, here are 10 restaurants that Sandbridge Beach residents call their faves. READ MORE

Top 5 Tips for Packing Light for Your Sandbridge Beach Vacation

Lugging tons of bags, suitcases, and totes is one thing about vacations that most people can’t stand. Packing light can help you reduce stress and enjoy your vacation even more. Insider wisdom from regular Sandbridge Beach vacationers is to pack your suitcase, then take half of it out and leave it at home. There is some wisdom in that long-running joke because Sandbridge Beach is a casual seaside town, and you probably won’t need half of what you think you will. Here are our top five tips for packing light for your Sandbridge Beach vacation. READ MORE

Sandbridge Beach: A Perfect Blend of Peace and Proximity

While Virginia Beach is a busy resort town, nearby Sandbridge Beach is a peaceful, picturesque refuge with more than 130,000 acres of barely touched natural land. When you vacation at Sandbridge Beach, you’ll be near attractions that are fun for the whole family, but will feel you are a thousand miles away from the noisy vacation crowds. Sandbridge Beach is a secluded, small-town beach community just 15 miles south of the Virginia Beach resort area. Here you’ll find miles of uncrowded beaches, natural marshes, parks, and wildlife refuges.  The perfect blend of peace and proximity. READ MORE

20 Brilliant Travel Hacks for Your Next Sandbridge Vacation

20 Travel Hacks to Use When Traveling to Sandbridge Beach

Don’t you just hate it when you leave important things at home? Yet it happens
every day. Here are 20 handy traveling tips and tricks to try the next time you visit Sandbridge Beach. READ MORE

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Sandbridge, Virginia Beach, VA

Beautiful and Free! Sandbridge Beach Has Plenty of Both to Offer

There is an old saying: “The best things in life are free.” We agree! Whether it’s enjoying a gorgeous sunrise before browsing locally grown produce stands or identifying a unique bird species after a free concert in the park, there are always plenty of no-cost activities on our stretch of sand. READ MORE

Pool Antics!: Memory Monday July 6, 2015.

Pool antics!

Thanks to this week’s Memory Monday photo submission
source Laura Jones of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania who stayed with Sandbridge Blue in the vacation rental
property “Joy Seas” just last week!   It was a hot one and as you can see Laura and her crew
enjoyed a dip in the pool. READ MORE