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How to Stay Cool at Sandbridge Beach on Hot Days

It's a perfect day at Sandbridge Beach, VA. The sky is blue. The sun is bright. The waves are gently lapping the shore.

But, as the temperature soars, you start to feel slightly uncomfortable. Sweaty. Thirsty. Maybe even a little groggy.

At this point, you're simply overheating. But, if you're not careful, that could lead to more serious issues. Fortunately it's surprisingly easy to beat the heat at the beach. Here are a few simple tips.

Get in and Swim

What's the quickest way to cool down? The answer's right in front of you - the sparkling Atlantic Ocean.

If sunbathing's making you sizzle, take a refreshing dip. Within seconds, you'll feel wonderfully cool. Plus, you'll burn calories, release stress, boost your mood, and maybe build some muscle.

Swimming can even help soothe your back and leg pain, according to orthopedic specialists. So, go ahead. Dive right in!  

Not a swimmer? Few things are as satisfying as wading in the surf while it washes over your feet. For a greater cooling effect, take a seat right in the shallows. You can even dig yourself a little shorefront pool, line it with plastic tarp, and fill it with oceanwater. Dig one for your toddler right next to yours for double the fun.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Anytime you're outdoor sin scorching heat, hydration is crucially important. So, load a large ice-filled cooler with plenty of pure bottled water. Preferably, pack more water bottles than you might even think necessary. You'll be amazed how thirsty you'll get when you're basking in blazing sun.

For ultimate chill, freeze a few bottles overnight, then pack them along with your other frosty beverages. They'll gradually thaw during the day, so you'll have ice-cold water on hand even when the cooler's ice melts.

Can't stand plain water? Infuse it with luscious fruit essence or other natural flavors. Plus, tote along chilled juices and/or energy drinks (the kind with electrolytes).

What if your kids beg for carbonated sodas? True, these soft drinks are not ideal, but anything cold and wet will hydrate in a pinch. The main thing is to get lots of liquids. Your family's wellbeing could depend on it!

Made in the Shade

Own a beach umbrella? Be sure to bring it along. Don't have one? You can purchase a large, adjustable model - either online or in-store - for as little as $30. Or, you can opt for something a little bit bigger and pricier. Many of today's better beach umbrellas feature specially treated fabric for high SPF protection, so they'll help safeguard you and your family from harmful ultra-violet rays.

For even more extensive shade, spring for a portable cabana or sand tent, preferably with UV-blocking SPF.

And don't forget... whenever you're in direct sunlight, wear a hat with a nice broad brim. And always make sure that babies and toddlers wear protective caps or bonnets.

Wipe Off with Cooling Towels

Have you heard about cooling towels? These breathable mesh wonders absorb sweat, then evaporate it quickly, to keep your skin cooler and drier. Dip one in cold water, then use it to towel off your face, neck, and body. Or, wear it as a turban or bandana. Either way, it's truly refreshing.

Try a Portable Mister

For as little as $10, you can purchase a handheld, battery-powered mister/fan. Fill the bottom bottle with cool, fresh water, then turn on the little fan and revel in the pleasant breeze. You can even buy a compact mister that plugs into your phone's USB port. (Just be sure to keep your phone well away from any heavy moisture.)

Want to provide cooling airflow for your entire family? Opt for a battery-powered fan, available in-store and online.

Chill with Popsicles and More

Feeling overheated? That's your perfect excuse for a cold, refreshing treat.

Pop popsicles into your cooler or pick some up on your way to the beach. If you prefer, you can make your own popsicles by freezing custom combinations of fruit juice in plastic molds. A natural, nutritious, gourmet treat!

Need more healthful snack ideas? Cut watermelon into cubes or use a melon baller to scoop out small portions. Chill in the fridge, pack in the cooler, pass around, and enjoy!

Plus, freeze grapes, berries, pineapple slices, cantaloupe wedges, and more. Practically any fruit tastes fabulous chilled and iced.

Wear Clothing That Keeps You Cool

Whether you're sporting a swimsuit, coverup, or streetwear, you want to avoid feeling clammy. So, look for beach apparel that:

  • Comes in light, breathable fabrics like linen and high-tech synthetics
  • Wicks moisture away from your skin so you stay comfortably cool
  • Has targeted mesh ventilation for constant cooling airflow
  • Blocks dangerous UV rays and guards against painful sunburn
  • Provides high-performance comfort for strenuous sports such as running and volleyball

Check out Lands' End and similar sites for sweat-wicking, sun-blocking styles that take you from beach to bistro without even missing a beat. You'll be cool in more ways than one!

Plus Many Other Cool Hacks

From cooling pillows to soaker-gun fights, you'll never run out of creative ways to stay refreshed at Sandbridge Beach. Visit anytime to soak up sun 'n' surf 'n' balmy ocean breezes.  

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