Fishing Boat – Memory Monday 10/4/2021

Greetings from Sandbridge Beach. It is Monday and that means another Memory Monday photo submission to share with you. This week we share a picture of a fishing boat.

Thank you

goes out today to Barbara Cieri of Pottstown, Pennsylvania who stayed with Sandbridge Blue last month in the rental property “The Good Stuff.”

As anyone who goes to Sandbridge knows there is a lot of boat traffic just offshore. We normally see military vessels, pleasure boats, and of course large commercial carriers that bring imports into the ports.

This week’s Memory Monday photo submission is of a charter fishing boat that was really, really close to the shore trying to catch some game fish. While we don’t know the name of the boat we are pretty sure it came from Rudee Inlet. The Virginia Beach Fishing Center is there, and the boat was looking for Bluefish, Drum, or Mackerel. All of those fish have been caught in big numbers by the charter boats recently. It looks like a great time. Boy were they close to the beach!

Hey! Land ho!

We want to thank Barbara for sending along her photo memory of her recent stay with us. We look forward to serving her family again soon. Maybe next time she can get us a photo from the fishing boat looking at the beach instead!

All the best from the beach!



Fishing Boat – Memory Monday 10/4/2021

by Tim Cafferty time to read: 1 min

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