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Dog's Welcome - Memory Monday 4/30/18

Greetings from a fantastic Sandbridge beach on this Monday.   Fantastic because it is clear, bright, and the weather this week is supposed to be, well, Fantastic!   A definite welcome sight for us that were thinking Winter would never end.   It is cool and crisp morning this morning looks to be the only time this week that temperatures will be in the 50's.    By Wednesday it is expected to be above 80 degrees!   60 degrees later today, 70's tomorrow, in short it is great beach weather.This week's Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Bill Nestor of Lewisburg, West Virginia who recently enjoyed a relaxing stay with Blue with his puppies.Sandbridge is a dog friendly area and Sandbridge Blue welcomes your four legged pals at no extra charge in select properties.   As you are planning your summer time getaway keep that in mind.   You can bring your pup to more than 15% of our rental properties and let them make great memories as well.   Just go to our vacation rental search page and click the box that says "dog friendly" to see what choices you have.   Spoiler alert - there are lots of great choices!Welcome PetsIn this picture, Bill calls these two his "puppies" and you can see they enjoyed their beach vacation too!Keep in mind when you come to Sandbridge that there are local ordinances that guide your pets conduct.  Your pets must be on a leash, and pet parents are required to clean up after your furry friends.   Check out this site to see all pertinent rules and regulations.We thank Bill and his furry friends for reminding us how fun it can be to take the whole family on vacation and we look forward to welcome all of them again soon.All the best from the beach.
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