Solitary and Quiet Moment: Memory Monday June 5, 2017.

This weeks Memory Monday photo submission is a simple one, but one that we all would be envious to take.  A solitary and quiet moment at the beach.

This picture was sent in by Jacquie Nguyen of Ashburn, Virginia who stayed with us in late April and snapped this shot early one morning on Sandbridge Beach. READ MORE

Honoring Mothers: Memory Monday May 22, 2017.

Greetings to you on a fantastic Monday here at Sandbridge.   We had a nice weekend and are looking forward to a great week in anticipation of Memorial Day weekend which, believe it or not is next weekend!   Before we get too far removed from it we wanted to take a moment to honor our mothers by sharing some photos from last weekend – Mother’s Day. READ MORE

Putt Putt Anyone?: Memory Monday April 17, 2017.

Putt Putt Anyone?

Happy Easter Monday to everyone.  We hope you enjoyed a fabulous weekend of egg hunting, and church going in the beautiful weather we all enjoyed.  Temps reached the 90 degree mark here in Sandbridge yesterday on Easter, and the folks vacationing enjoyed all manner of outdoor activities, including some putt putt golf! READ MORE

We were here!: Memory Monday March 20, 2017.

We were here!

Good morning, and happy spring!   Spring rolled in this morning before 7 AM according to the local weather man, and we say it arrived none too soon.    We are happy that winter is officially behind us, but we look forward even more to the arrival of Summer in June. READ MORE

March Madness: Memory Monday March 13, 2017.

March Madness

So this week marks the official start of the 3 week malaise known as March Madness.  Whether you pull for the Cavaliers of UVa or the Eagles of Winthrop, or any of the other 66 teams in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament we are sure you are as excited as us to see what happens over the next few weeks.  Good luck to everyone’s teams! READ MORE

Yes We Are at the Beach!: Memory Monday February 27, 2017.

Yes we are at the beach!

You may get tired of hearing this week after week, but we do not get tired of telling you how beautiful the weather has been at the beach for the past month.   This past week was absolutely glorious weather wise with temperatures this past Saturday climbing to 77 degrees!   In February! READ MORE