8 Reasons to Visit Sandbridge Beach in the Fall

Fall in Sandbridge Beach

While summer may be the time of year most people think to go on a beach vacation, Sandbridge Beach in the fall has an allure of its own. The intense heat of summer has faded, there’s a soft breeze in the air, and the little bit of crowd Sandbridge does attract has dwindled. If you ask me, this is the recipe for a perfect, relaxing vacation. READ MORE

3 Mostly Free Things to Do In Virginia Beach Besides the Beach

free things to do

A family vacation is all about spending time with your loved ones and creating memories to last a lifetime. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a fortune to do just that! Sure fancy dinners and adrenaline pumping activities are fun, but there’s plenty to do in Virginia Beach that won’t cost you a much. Here are 3 (mostly) free things you can’t miss out on while on your Sandbridge Vacation. READ MORE

Virginia Beach Brews: 5 Breweries to Visit on Vacation

Virginia Beach breweries

Virginia Beach is a popular vacation destination for not only the beautiful beaches but the surrounding communities as well. There are plenty of places with great local beers to explore in every district so if your idea of a good time includes enjoying a nice craft brew in a relaxed and cool atmosphere, look no further. In no particular order, here are 5 breweries you should check out on your next Virginia Beach vacation. READ MORE

5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Mini-Vacation

mini-stay in Sandbridge

We know you want to spend as much time as possible on your vacation in Sandbridge, but sometimes a full week just isn’t in the cards. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to forego your vacation totally or have any less fun! Any time between September and May, there are properties available for less than a seven day stay or “mini-vacation” (we call it a mini-stay). READ MORE

A Guide to an Awesome Girls Trip in Virginia Beach

virginia beach girls trip

What better place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life than the beach? Whether you’re looking at booking a long weekend or an entire week, Virginia Beach is the perfect destination for your next girls trip. From relaxation to indulgence, you can find a little bit of everything in and around your Sandbridge vacation rental. READ MORE

Top 5 Places to get Dessert in Virginia Beach

SPOON Dessert Café

If you’re a foodie like me, finding a good place for dessert is a necessity on any vacation. Whether you’re looking for a quick ice cream cone after a long hot day on the beach or just something to satisfy your sweet tooth while exploring around Virginia Beach, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of some of our favorite dessert places in and around Sandbridge Beach: READ MORE

Top Vacation Budget Tips for Sandbridge Beach (More)

family vacation budget tips
At Sandbridge Blue, we realize that family vacations are all about memories. When you think of your vacation to Sandbridge Beach, we want you to remember how much fun you had and how much you enjoyed spending quality time with your family…not how expensive it was.

With this in mind, we came up with a few budget-friendly activities to add on to our previous article, Top 7 Vacation Budget Tips for Sandbridge Beach, that you can take advantage of while on vacation to save you money while also fostering family bonding.

Budget-Friendly Activities

Make the most of your money and the time you have away with your family in Sandbridge by incorporating these activities into your vacation plans:

  • Participate in Water Activities – While a favorite beach pastime is just catching some rays and maybe reading a book, some people want a little more activity in their beach day itinerary. If you have children, teens, or even young adults in your group, they can spend hours surfing the waves on a body or “boogie board”. If you don’t have boogie boards already, no worries! You can rent some from Surf and Adventure Co. and enjoy free delivery and pickup. Also check out their kayak, canoe and paddle board rentals!
  • Plan a Family Game or Movie Night – Enjoy a night-in with the family at your vacation home with dinner and a movie or family game night. Fry up the fresh fish you caught at the pier, play some board or card games, and then relax on the couch with a family movie and build a blanket fort for the kids to camp out on the living room floor.
  • Go Berry Picking in Pungo – There’s nothing like fresh strawberries you picked right from the farm! Virginia Beach is known for some of the most delicious strawberries and the kids will have a blast harvesting their own fresh treat. Just south of Sandbridge is Pungo Agricultural District with 16 different places to pick your own strawberries; hurry though, Strawberry season in Virginia Beach runs from April through June and the best berries are available early in the season. Depending on what time of year your Virginia Beach vacation is, you may even be able to pick your own bushel of blueberries, blackberries, kale, cabbage, or even wildflowers!
  • Geocache around Sandbridge – Never been geocaching before? Geocaching is a fun (free) way to explore the outdoors and bond with friends and family. Basically, someone will hide a “cache” of some sort with hints about its location and people use a Geocaching App with GPS to find it. Once you find it, you add your name to the paper log (if there is one) and log that you found it on geocaching.com. Not only will you get plenty of exercise and enjoy the challenge of the hunt, but the only cost to you is the price of gas from one area to another!

    Virginia is for Lovers: Vacationing in Sandbridge

    Virginia is for lovers in Sandbridge
    They don’t say “Virginia is for Lovers” for no reason! Sandbridge is not only the perfect vacation destination for the entire family, but it’s also in no short supply of romantic opportunities. Here are a few date options for couples of all ages to enjoy on their vacation. Whether you’re looking for romance, adventure, or just some old-fashioned quality time, one of these ideas is sure to impress.

    Sunrise Picnic

    There are few things more romantic than enjoying a beautiful sunrise or sunset on the beach with your significant other. Keep an eye on the weather and try to pick the clearest day of your vacation so that too many clouds won’t fog your view, especially if you opt for the sunrise view. If you want extra brownie points, pack a surprise picnic or some mimosas to enjoy while you take in the sights and sounds of the ocean together. If you bring the kiddos along on vacation and have someone to watch them, you might even be able to sneak away and enjoy some alone time on the beach before they wake up.

    Exploring Back Bay

    Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge has all the beautiful scenery you could ask for. From beach views to the woodlands and marshes that stretch over 9,200 acres, this is the perfect place for outdoor-lovers to go on a peaceful nature hike. A fun addition that would double as a way to remember your Sandbridge Beach vacation would be to have a photography competition during your hike.

    Take pictures of different scenery and any wildlife you come across during your hike (and don’t forget pictures of/with each other) and choose a winner at the end…loser buys ice cream at Sandbridge Sugar Shack!

    Sandbridge Sugar Shack

    Speaking of the Sugar Shack…treat your significant other to coffee, ice cream or frozen yogurt and then rent a couple bikes and explore the area. Keep an eye out for special events going on like live music and face painting. They also do fun specials like “dress up like a mermaid or a pirate for 50% off” which sounds like a date all by itself!

    Craft Beer Tour

    While not specifically in Sandbridge, the Virginia Beach Guided Craft Brewery Tour is a fun, and educational, date idea for beer enthusiasts. You’ll be provided transportation to and from each brewery, guided through each brewery for a behind-the-scenes experience. With over 5 breweries in Virginia Beach, your sure to find your new favorite brew.

    Tee Time

    For the sporty couple, Hell’s Point Golf Club has a beautiful and challenging course for all ages. With a well-maintained course and wide variety in holes. If you’re a couple who enjoys a little friendly competition, this date idea will be fun and occupy a good amount of time when you’re all beached out for the day. If you’re vacationing with other couples, you could even make it a group date!

    Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center READ MORE

    Top Beach Travel Hacks For Your Sandbridge Vacation

    Beach Travel Hacks for you Sandbridge Vacation
    No matter how excited you are to finally be going on vacation, the packing and travelling it involves can cause a lot of stress, especially for those traveling in larger groups or with kids. Fear not! We’ve compiled a list of beach travel hacks to help your Sandbridge vacation get started the right way.

    Planning Ahead

  • To make your suitcase the most effective, roll your clothes instead of folding them. You could even place each day’s outfits in a bag and vacuum seal them to maximize storage.
  • When packing toiletries cut out squares of plastic wrap and place it under the cap of your shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. to keep liquids from spilling.
  • Research apps and websites like gasbuddy.com to find stations with the lowest prices on your trip to save a little extra cash.
  • Bring backpack chairs, extra towels, coolers, etc. for the beach. When hauling all of your belongings onto the beach while chasing little ones, it’ll be helpful to have as much stuff as possible in a way that is easy to carry.
  • Pack things like duct tape and traveling sewing kits for those inevitable moments when you need a quick fix.
  • Keep a rolled up trash bag in one of your shoes to use for dirty laundry throughout your trip and on the way back home.
  • Keep money in a few places like inside an empty Chapstick tube, or even in a clean panty liner or diaper so that nobody just walking by will pick it up; just be careful not to accidentally throw it away!
  • Pack an emergency kit in case of car troubles with jumper cables, flashlights, water, a blanket, a tire pump, etc.
  • Before heading out to the beach, put aloe vera in an ice cube tray to soothe sunburnt skin.

    Dog-Friendly Tips For Vacationing In Virginia Beach

    Thinking about bringing your furry friend to Sandbridge? There are plenty of dog-friendly parks, restaurants, beaches, trails, and vacation rentals that welcome dogs. Here is a quick summary on what to keep in mind and where to go if you want to bring your K-9 on vacation to Virginia Beach with you.

    First, you’ll need to book a dog-friendly vacation rental! Visit Sandbridge Blue to look at all of our dog-friendly properties.

    Preparing for the Beach

    During the summer months, you may need more equipment for your pet pals, but here is a quick rundown of things you’ll need to keep in mind and bring with you to make sure your pet has a safe and fun trip.

    • Outdoor water bowl for when they get thirsty in the heat
    • Fresh drinking water. Even though they may get thirsty, ingesting too much salt water can be very harmful for your dog, so it’s best to bring along a couple bottles of water.
    • Towels for drying him off after swimming and to protect his belly from the hot sand
    • Doggy sunscreen. It may sound silly, but short, light colored fur and pink skin make pets more vulnerable to the sun. Find child-safe sunscreen or something approved by your vet to protect your pet’s skin.
    • Don’t allow pets to swim when there are strong tides or rip currents.
    • Beach umbrellas are great for making sure your furry friend doesn’t get too overheated in the sun while he plays or rests.
    • Particularly on hot days, it’s best to take shorter midday or evening walks to avoid overheating and burnt paws on hot pavement.
    • Waste bags. In order to dispose of pet waste, it is required to always have something to clean up after your pet with. You’ll avoid a fine and be fully prepared for the day.

    Dog-Friendly Places In And Near Sandbridge Beach

    Dog-Friendly Parks

    False Cape State Park, 4001 Sandpiper Rd. Virginia Beach, VA 23457
    Dogs are allowed in the park year-round and in the refuge during the month of October. Dog’s must be leashed and cleaned up after at all times.

    First Landing State Park, 2500 Shore Dr. H 60 Virginia Beach, VA 23451
    For day use, dogs are allowed in the park at no additional fee and only $3 per night per pet for overnight camping. They are also allowed throughout the park and the beach so long as they are under the owner’s control, on a maximum of a 6 foot leash, and cleaned up after. Proof of rabies vaccination is required for all dogs in Virginia Beach.

    Bayville Farms Park, 4132 First Court Rd. Virginia Beach, VA 23455
    This one acre dog park has separate sections for both large and small dogs. An annual registration fee of $15 is required along with a valid rabies vaccination. To obtain a collar tag, just visit the park office.

    Pet Stores READ MORE