7 Fall Activities Sandbridge Locals Love (Updated)

Autumn is a special time of year at Sandbridge Beach. Summer temperatures give way to cooler fall days and nights, crowds thin, and locals get excited about the prospect of putting on knitwear and, occasionally…socks. Fall is a time where locals can finally relax and enjoy all Sandbridge Beach has to offer without all of the summer chaos. We get to move at a slower pace, have wide open beaches, and enjoy some of our favorite activities. If you find yourself here for the fall season, then you will definitely want to join in on some of these activities! Here are 7 fall activities that Sandbridge locals love.

Go to an Oyster Roast

7 Fall Activities Sandbridge Locals Love

To seaside residents, oyster season is the unofficial beginning of holiday celebrations. This year’s oyster harvesting window is late, beginning on October 1 if the weather cooperates. As soon as it’s officially legal to gather oysters, the social season starts. Oyster roasts range from small impromptu backyard gatherings to large public fundraisers. Simply Steamed on Sandpiper Road offers build-your-own to-go steam pots as well.

Local restaurants usually have oyster roast nights throughout the fall where you can grab a bucket for around $10. Oysters are only a small part of what’s on the menu at an oyster roast. Hearty soups and stews, homemade bread, and plenty of desserts round out these traditional parties. If you’re invited to one, it’s traditional to bring a dish to share.

Practice Your Photography Skills

Diffused sunlight in fall makes this time of year a photographer’s dream. Not only are you more likely to get a shot of a deserted beach or forest trail, but wildlife tends to be more active as well. One of the best scenic places for photographers is the beach at sunrise or sunset. You may spy passing dolphins near shore, but you’re sure to capture a peaceful tableau — especially the morning after a storm.

Back Bay Wildlife Refuge is another photographer’s paradise. You’re likely to spot photogenic birds such as osprey, songbirds, gannets, and terns — especially in the mornings. Keep an eye out for the tundra swan, a beloved visitor who overwinters in the refuge. Even if you don’t capture the wildlife you hoped for, the foliage is the most photogenic at this point. The trees are turning colors and leaves are sure to cover the previously boring gravel paths. It’s worth the hike to venture into the pine forests with your camera. These “wet forests” are home to herds of deer, owls, unusual birds, and even bobcats.

Go Fish

With cooler temperatures and less competition, fall is prime time to go fishing at Sandbridge Beach. Local fisherfolk will tell you that you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to have fun and catch fish, especially if you’re just headed to the beach or the pier.

For beach or pier fishing, you’ll need a long rod known as a “heaver.” These rods are 11 to 12 feet in length and can handle heavy bait and 8 ounces of lead weight (known here as “8 and bait”). In the fall, you can also use a smaller rod for casting lures and jigs. Wherever you plan to fish, be sure to get a fishing license and make note of size and catch regulations.

Bike or Hike to False Cape State Park

False Cape State Park is one of the only places left where you can camp right on the beach. It’s also one of the few places where you’ll likely find yourself utterly secluded. The trick is getting there. False Cape State Park lies in front of Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, which does not allow motor vehicles.

Park at Little Island Recreation Area (you’ll need a permit), and then complete the last five miles to the campsites through Back Bay on foot, by bike, or by canoe. You’ll need a reservation and a permit to camp. Fall is great weather for camping on False Cape, plus the park is home to migrating birds, deer, feral horses, and pigs.

Dine Outside

When the temperatures drop, it’s time to take dinner outside. Several restaurants on Sandbridge Beach have outdoor patios or screened outdoor patios. Try Baja Restaurant, Sandbridge Island Restaurant, Lago Mar Italian Restaurant, Margie & Ray’s Crabhouse, Pungo Pizza, and Blue Pete’s for fabulous outdoor dining. Imagine dining with you’re significant other with nice cool weather and a fresh breeze. This will easily transform a nice dining experience into a perfect one.

Sea Glass Hunting

Sea glass can come from broken bottles, tableware, or even glass from shipwrecks. It comes in pretty much any color and many different sizes. If you’ve ever found a piece of sea glass on the beach, you’ll know the rewarding feeling. The fall is hands down the best time to look for sea glass in Sandbridge Beach. One of the reasons being the weather. Temperatures are a bit cooler than they were in the summer so walking down the beach for an hour or more is very comfortable. Picture leisurely walking across the beach with temperatures in the 60s and low 70s and a refreshing breeze blowing off the ocean. I’ve tried sea glass hunting in the summer and trust me it is not ever close to enjoyable considering sweat drips onto your sunglasses and ruins your vision. Another factor that makes fall the best time to hunt for sea glass is the storms we have. Often, we well have tropical storms, nor’easters, and even hurricanes. Now I know these storms have negative impacts, but they almost always bring in the best pieces of sea glass!

Try Local Brews

7 Fall Activities Sandbridge Locals Love

The Virginia Beach Craft Beer Festival takes place in nearby Virginia Beach every October. Fifty breweries offer tastings of their best beers, and the festivities include live music and food vendors. Virginia Beach has a healthy population of local brewers and breweries, so a pub-hopping educational tour through the region’s best pints is always a favorite activity. Great options include the Reaver Beach Brewing Co.Back Bay Brewing Co., and Wasserhund Brewing Co.

As summer comes to an end and most vacationers are getting disappointed that summer evenings are a thing of the past, Sandbridge locals are getting excited for their favorite time of the year! Beautiful temperatures, empty beaches, oyster roasts and more. If you’ve never experienced Sandbridge Beach in the fall then I highly recommend that you start planning a fall stay and experience why it’s Sandbridge local’s favorite time of the year!



7 Fall Activities Sandbridge Locals Love (Updated)

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