20 Brilliant Travel Hacks for Your Next Sandbridge Vacation

20 Travel Hacks to Use When Traveling to Sandbridge Beach

Don’t you just hate it when you leave important things at home? Yet it happens
every day. Here are 20 handy traveling tips and tricks to try the next time you visit Sandbridge Beach.

Packing Your Bag

  1. If you’re bringing your
    family (or a party of friends) with you on your trip, chances are you will have lots of devices to charge at
    the end of the day. Pack an extra power strip in your bag to keep everyone powered up and happy.
  2. Pack
    all your liquids in zip-top baggies to avoid the horror of opening a suitcase full of clothing covered in
    shampoo or sunscreen.
  3. Make a quick and easy cork keychain to attach to your keyring.
    This will help your car or boat keys stay near the surface of the water in case they fall overboard during
    your seaside adventures. (From GreenMoxie.com)
  4. Pack your jewelry in pill cases or
    divided plastic tackle organizers; bead organizers work too. This will keep earrings in pairs and necklaces
    from getting tangled in knots. (Troy-Bumpassin.com)
  5. Tuck a folded garbage bag into one
    of your shoes in the suitcase — you can use it to hold dirty laundry during the trip.
  6. Bring
    a couple of dryer sheets to slip into your suitcase for the journey home to keep the odor of filthy clothing
    under control.
  7. Pack zip-top baggies, both large and small sizes, for snacks, storage,
    wet clothing, and many other things.
  8. Pack a couple of clothespins to help close curtains
    tighter and seal out light in your room. You’ll be glad you did on those mornings after a late night out.
  9. Pack
    a roll of duct tape and safety pins for those random little fix-it jobs that pop up unexpectedly. If you
    don’t have room for a full roll of duct tape, use an empty toilet paper roll or chunky pencil to make a
    pint-sized tape roll.

During Your Stay

  1. It’s on everyone’s packing list, but sometimes your phone’s wall charger just gets left at
    home or lost somewhere along the journey. If this happens to you, check the flat-screen television. There is
    usually a USB outlet on the side that you can use to charge your phone if you have a USB cable handy.
  2. Hide
    your cash and valuables in a few different locations, such as a carry bag, purse, or car. That way, you will
    not lose all your vacation money if your purse or wallet is stolen or lost.
  3. If you need
    to shave but have no time for a full shower (and don’t want painful razor burn), simply rub a generous
    amount of baby oil or lotion on your skin and shave, rinsing the razor as needed. Once you’re done, wipe off
    excess with a dry towel and you’re ready to head to the beach.
  4. Download an app of ocean
    sounds or other peaceful white noise on your phone to block out noises. (Or, for oceanfront properties, open
    a window!)

At the Beach

  1. Tuck
    your phone and other electronic devices into zip-top baggies before heading to the beach to keep them dry
    and free of sand.
  2. An insulated lunch bag with two compartments could be a handy item to
    have at the beach. Use one side to store ice and drinks, and use the other side to keep your phone and other
    electronic devices cool.
  3. Freeze a few juice boxes and water bottles before putting them
    in your beach cooler. They are less messy than bags of ice and you’ll enjoy icy-cold refreshment as they
  4. Baby powder works great to remove sticky sand from skin after a fun day on the
    beach. Simply sprinkle on and the sand will rub right off.
  5. Use a beach blanket as a
    sand-free beach zone that won’t blow around in the wind. Simply lay the blanket on the sand and place your
    heavier bags or coolers at each of the four corners. Some stores even sell beach blanket spikes!
  6. If
    you have youngsters in your family, a great way to hide money or keys on the beach is to bring an extra
    diaper. Simply wrap the valuables in the diaper as you would if it were dirty and no one strolling by will
    touch it. Just make sure you don’t throw it away by mistake!
  7. Bring a mesh laundry bag to
    wrangle beach toys throughout the day. Water will drain off, and you only have to shake the hamper a few
    times to get off extra sand before reloading your vehicle. (Parenthacks.com)

One bonus
tip for your next beach trip to Sandbridge: Don’t stress out if you forget something. Our friendly local
residents and businesses will be happy to direct you to whatever you need.



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