Virginia is for Lovers: Vacationing in Sandbridge

Virginia is for lovers in Sandbridge

They don’t say “Virginia is for Lovers” for no reason! Sandbridge is not only the perfect vacation destination for the entire family, but it’s also in no short supply of romantic opportunities. Here are a few date options for couples of all ages to enjoy on their vacation. Whether you’re looking for romance, adventure, or just some old-fashioned quality time, one of these ideas is sure to impress. READ MORE

Mini Golf! Memory Monday 5/7/18

Mini golf

Greetings from a foggy Sandbridge Beach on this Monday morning.   We hope you are ready for a great week just like we are here.   This week for our Memory Monday photo submission we share with you a photo of a family that enjoyed a spring getaway with a traditional beach activity – Mini Golf! READ MORE

Dog’s Welcome – Memory Monday 4/30/18

Welcome Pets

Greetings from a fantastic Sandbridge beach on this Monday.   Fantastic because it is clear, bright, and the weather this week is supposed to be, well, Fantastic!   A definite welcome sight for us that were thinking Winter would never end.   It is cool and crisp morning this morning looks to be the only time this week that temperatures will be in the 50’s.    By Wednesday it is expected to be above 80 degrees!   60 degrees later today, 70’s tomorrow, in short it is great beach weather. READ MORE

Most Popular Animals to See in Sandbridge Beach


Sandbridge Beach is a quiet place, but if you look carefully, you’ll see a whole world of busy creatures going about their business. Thanks to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Sandbridge Beach is home to hundreds of species of fish, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Here are some of the animals you’ll love to look for during your stay. READ MORE

Top 7 Vacation Budget Tips for Sandbridge Beach – Updated

budget tips in sandbridge

If you’re looking for a beach vacation but think that it may be too expensive then consider staying at Sandbridge Beach! When you stay in Sandbridge you can have a relaxing, secluded vacation without breaking the bank. This may sound too good to be true, but we’ve provided 7 vacation budget tips to help you plan your next beach vacation! READ MORE

Pool time – Memory Monday 4/16/18

Pool time

Greetings from a suddenly sunny Monday morning here in Sandbridge.  We had a big line of thunderstorms roll through early this morning that cleaned everything up, but now the sunshine is breaking through and it looks like it will be a wonderful day to be at the beach.  In fact some folks may consider today a perfect pool day today! READ MORE